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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

10 reasons why HD DVD or Blu-ray is here to stay

HD DVD vs Blu-rayWhile our favorite past time is to argue the merits of our preferred HD movie format, there are many out there like Jason from CE Pro that believe that neither format will survive. And while we agree that there are many compelling HD alternatives to both formats, here are ten reasons why either HD DVD or Blu-ray will survive.

  1. They offer the best picture and sound quality
  2. You own the disc, no one can expire it or take it away
  3. Discs still cost less per GB than a Hard Disc
  4. Discs don't 'just' go bad and cause you to lose your movies
  5. Discs are portable and can be shared with friends
  6. Eventually HDM players will cost less than upconverting DVD players
  7. Xbox Live Marketplace HD expires and is locked to the device
  8. HD VOD is limited in selection and availability
  9. Even when VUDU gets HD, it costs too much, and the content is locked on the box
  10. HD Movie channels crop, compress, and offer worse audio than DVD
Sure, no format lasts forever, but one of these HD movie formats will be here for ten or twenty years.

from Engadget HD

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