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Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Yamaha AVR model RX-V663

Very soon we will start seeing the newest Yamaha AVR models coming out. One of the most interesting is the RX-V663. This will replace the current RX-V661 and have the same retail price. You can see the official web page HERE.

Essentially, the 663 adds HDMI 1.3 and video up-conversion, which are outstanding additions to a receiver in this price range. It also adds all the HD audio decoders and the ability to accept bitstreamed HD audio for decoding, (including 7:1 bitstream), or MPCM. It also will support 1080p/24 HDMI video.

Previously, you needed to double the price to get these features in any of the Yamaha models.

For a comparison of the 661 and 663 models, you can look HERE.

For folks trying to break into the AVR game with a minimal investment, this is a great option and will play nice with any of the current HD players, PS3, you name it. I have a 661 and can attest to the awesome sound quality speaker and ease of use. The Yamaha AVRs also offer the option of using a 7:1 audio decoder on all 5:1 signals, which is unique in this price range and a real plus for anyone with a 7:1 setup.

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