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Friday, June 15, 2007

A quick look at Halo 3's cinematics

It's crunch time over at Bungie Studios and those gorgeous in-game cutscenes are coming together quite nicely. How do we know? Well, we read the Halo 3 cinematics update over on silly. In the cinematics update, Bungie talks about the work they are doing and how they've hired big name movie animators D.A.M.N. FX to help them create the most amazing cutscenes ever! D.A.M.N. FX has worked on movies like King Kong, Shrek, Transformers and Lord of the Rings making them more than qualified to touch our Halo 3. Make the jump to read what goes into animating Halo 3 and how very colorful the description of an animation can really get.

from Xbox 360 Fanboy

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