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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sony regrets Blu-Ray and the whole HD Format War?

So it appears that CEO Mr Stringer is having second thoughts and doubts about his so called leading edge format. In a recent interview he says that he wished that they (Sony and the delusional Blu-Ray) had collaborated with HD-DVD. To be honest, Stinger has a good point. If BR and HD-DVD did work together on a "single" format, things could have worked out. They could have taken BR's only advantage in the 50GB capacity and combine that with all of the advanced features of the HD-DVD format to produce "the next gen format". But instead, Sony and company tried to "Stuff" Blu-Ray down the throats of consumers via studio support. Stringer even acknowledged that since Paramount changed sides, things are now locked in a Stalemate. So if we are in a stalemate now, what happens if WB makes the change? Could HD-DVD slowly push BR towards Betamax status? BR could simply end up as the format that the PS3 uses for games.. :eek: One thing that really bothers me about Stringers interview is his comments about how Blu-Ray should be winning on Merits. What Merits? As I just stated, 50GB capacity is the only advantage and that advantage is slipping away as the HD-DVD group is working to push the 51GB disk out. Everything else has been all HD-DVD with their requirements set at launch of the format in 2006 instead of waiting a year and a half like BR to finally decide what to support and what not to support. Last, the insane Toshiba player prices from Walmart, Best Buy and Circuit City probably have something to do with Stringers recent state of mind. ;)

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