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Friday, November 30, 2007

Toshiba and 3HD-DVD Home Player sales reaches 750,000!

The HD-DVD Group has announced that Home Player sales (which also includes the 360 player) have reached 750,000. With roughly 200,000+ of those being 360 HD-DVD Players, it means that Toshiba has sold over 500,000 Home Players. Keep in mind that Toshiba has done this all by themselves which is quite an accomplishment. Sure with the PS3 there are like 5 million+ Blu-Ray Players (worldwide) but PS3 sales are not included as part of Home Player sales figures (which is where growth is measured). By the time the holiday is over, we will have more than 1,000,000 HD-DVD Players on the market and HD-DVD will probably lead Blu-Ray in software sales considering that HD-DVD was only down 2 to 1 (software sales) with only a fraction of the install base of Blu-Ray. The "pre" Black-Friday sales by Walmart, Circuit City and Best Buy fueled a massive surge in sales as did Black-Friday. With prices low, this will continue.

from : The High Definition World... Simplified!

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