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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CES 2008: Gates delivers his last keynote

Windows log - Image 1Microsoft Corporation co-founder and chairman Bill Gates keynoted Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada with a variety of announcements. He announced that this will be his final CES appearance as a keynote speaker and described what he envisions the second digital decade to be.

A lengthy and comedic video presentation was shown to the eager crowd describing what life will be like for Gates after he steps down from regular Microsoft employee responsibilities. There were spoofs of pursuing a musical career, a movie career, and even a newscasting career.

Proceeding to more serious matters, Gates said that there are three essential elements for the next ten years of information technology. First, he stressed the importance of proliferating high-definition video everywhere. Second, Gates emphasized that HD video will go hand in hand with easier, faster, and more accessible connectivity over the Internet. Finally, he drew a picture of technology adopting a more natural interface for ease of use.

On the third point, Gates pointed to touch screen and voice recognition technology as tools in the revolution at hand. He described a world wherein users will be able to use technology with friendlier controls than ever.

Gates said that at the center of all this will be Windows Vista and Windows Mobile technologies. Microsoft believes that mobile phones and PCs will be important pillars in the next generation of electronics.

Gates was then followed by top Microsoft exec Robbie Bach who announced a partnership between the Microsoft Xbox Live online service and top media entities. The Xbox 360 game console is touted as the next big thing in the entertainment scene with its ability to download high-definition videos.It will also be host for IPTV programming.

There are many more details on the Bill Gates keynote address for CES 2008. You can browse through raw notes by following the link below. Stay with us for more on CES 2008.

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